of the twin cities

Rules of the Road


A Sample Program


For social ice dance sessions

1) Git yer butt on the ice before the dance begins or lose right of way.

2) Likewise, git yer butt off the ice promptly once a dance ends.

3) Speedy skaters get to start the dance first, unless they dawdle (see #1).

4) Slower skaters must allow speedy skaters ahead to start the dance (unless…see #3).

5) Speedy or slower, once a dance has begun, stay out of the way of those in front of you. Start a few beats later, alter your pattern, slow down, or break off.

6) Dance being played gets right of way – period!

If you’re skating anything otherwise OR if you’re not skating, stay outta the way.

7) Limit ‘private lessons’ or personal practice on social ice, but if you must - stay outta the way.

8) It’s not called “social ice dance” for nothing. Switch partners often, and help each other enjoy more dances. However, no unsolicited ‘coaching’ or ‘critiquing’, pulease!

Your cooperation is needed and appreciated!