Rules of the Road

So that all dancers have a great time and get the most for their money, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

Skaters should try to be prompt lining up for each dance, preferably before the music has started.
Latecomers may have to forfeit the following determinations:

-Those skating regular set pattern being played
-Those who are up to speed

-Those doing variations
-Those who are learning
-Singles or Flocks

-Avoid running over skaters in front of you.
-Wait (at least) four full measures before beginning your dance.
-Behind slower skaters? Wait even longer, or go to the other end of the ice.
-Be aware of thos around you; use peripheral vision.

-Try to yield 50% of the time, in the event of an impending collision.
-Refrain from using the social session ice for general skating practice.
-Please stand / get out of the way of the dance pattern being played.
-Please move to the edge promptly when your dance ends.

-Please switch partners often.
-Don’t be shy; if you want to skate with someone, just ask them.
-If you need to decline a dance, perhaps offer to do a different dance with that person later.
-Ladies, some of the higher dances are only played once a session (or only every few sessions); please try to let other ladies have a chance to ask a gent for that dance if you have skated it recently.
-Please refrain from unsolicited coaching or critiquing. Instead, encourage a team approach to working out dance pattern issues.
-Be a mentor. Help skaters of all skill levels to learn new dances.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy the session!