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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
01/10/2020Ambroz, ErinSenior Moves In The Field
01/15/2020Bodelson, AshleyPre-Preliminary Free Skate
01/15/2020Cooper, NilaNovice Free Skate
01/15/2020Gibbs, GeorgiaPreliminary Free Skate
01/15/2020Mizuno, KumiHickory Hoedown
01/15/2020Mizuno, KumiWillow Waltz
01/15/2020Mizuno, KumiTen-Fox
01/15/2020Mizuno, KumiBronze Dance Test
01/15/2020O'Day, KeiraPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
01/15/2020Rose-Hadziavdic, NadjaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
01/15/2020Rose-Hadziavdic, NadjaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
01/15/2020Smith, ElizabethPreliminary Moves In The Field
01/15/2020Weaver, MorganJuvenile Moves In the Field
01/20/2020Brogdon, AislynJuvenile Free Skate
01/20/2020Gregory, AnnikaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
01/20/2020Mertz, MorganJunior Moves In The Field
01/20/2020Peterson, ElsaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
01/20/2020Peterson, ElsaPreliminary Moves In The Field
01/20/2020Peterson, ElsaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
01/20/2020Pihlstrom, VivienJunior Moves In The Field
01/30/2020Christie, SinclairPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
01/30/2020Christie, SinclairJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/08/2020Ambroz, ErinJunior Free Skate
02/08/2020Johnson, KatherineNovice Free Skate
02/12/2020Hendrickson, RubyJunior Free Skate
02/12/2020Meyer, AdelineJunior Moves In The Field
02/12/2020Olstad, LorenSenior Moves In The Field
02/13/2020O'Day, KeiraPreliminary Free Skate
02/13/2020Tracy, EleanorPreliminary Free Skate
02/17/2020Kendig, MadelineJuvenile Free Skate
03/05/2020Allison, JasmineIntermediate Free Skate
03/05/2020Berkness, CarolinePreliminary Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Berkness, CarolinePreliminary Free Skate
03/05/2020Berkness, EleanorPreliminary Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Berkness, EleanorPreliminary Free Skate
03/05/2020Bodelson, AshleyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Enright, JuliaNovice Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Gibbs, GeorgiaNovice Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Privette, KyraJuvenile Moves In the Field
03/05/2020Privette, KyraPre-Preliminary Free Skate
03/05/2020Privette, KyraPreliminary Free Skate
03/05/2020Privette, SophieIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/05/2020Privette, SophiePre-Preliminary Free Skate
03/05/2020Privette, SophiePreliminary Free Skate
03/12/2020Heegaard, SophiaSenior Solo Free Dance
03/12/2020McDonald, KatherineJuvenile Free Skate
03/12/2020Pihlstrom, AvaFoxtrot
03/12/2020Pihlstrom, AvaTango
03/12/2020Pihlstrom, AvaPre-Silver Dance Test
03/12/2020Smith, DanaNovice Moves In The Field
03/12/2020Steele, EmmaCha Cha
03/12/2020Steele, EmmaFiesta Tango
03/12/2020Tomczik, SamJuvenile Free Skate
03/12/2020Tracy, EleanorPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
03/13/2020Chidester, NicoleJuvenile Free Skate
07/28/2020Carter, TatumPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Castelletti, MitchellJunior Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Christie, SinclairPre-Juvenile Free Skate
07/28/2020Cross, ShannonJunior Free Skate
07/28/2020Harrison, AnnabellePre-Preliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Harrison, GenevievePre-Preliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Holen, ChloePre-Preliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Hudson, JinPreliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Krasnopeeva, AnnaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Krasnopeeva, AnnaPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Mittra, AvaJuvenile Moves In the Field
07/28/2020Moratzka, EloisePreliminary Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Olney, JaneNovice Free Skate
07/28/2020Perepelitsyn, SophiaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Peterson, ElsaPreliminary Free Skate
07/28/2020Pihlstrom, VivienSenior Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Sinha, ShagunPre-Juvenile Free Skate
07/28/2020Talmo, ElizabethPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
07/28/2020Talmo, ElizabethPre-Preliminary Free Skate
07/30/2020Pihlstrom, AvaRocker Foxtrot
08/02/2020Boezinger, GraceKilian
08/02/2020Boezinger, GraceTango
08/02/2020Boezinger, GraceRocker Foxtrot
08/02/2020Boezinger, GraceAmerican Waltz
08/02/2020Boezinger, GraceSilver Dance Test
08/06/2020Berkness, AnnaPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/06/2020Berkness, AnnaPreliminary Free Skate
08/06/2020Hayne, KennedyNovice Moves In The Field
08/06/2020Hayne, KennedyPre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/06/2020Ruotsinoja, EmmaIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/06/2020Ruotsinoja, EmmaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/13/2020Heegaard, SophiaJunior Free Skate
08/19/2020Castelletti, MitchellNovice Free Skate
08/19/2020Gibbs, GeorgiaTen-Fox
08/19/2020Gibbs, GeorgiaBronze Dance Test
08/19/2020Hols, OliviaJuvenile Free Skate
08/19/2020Lipovetz, GraceJunior Moves In The Field
08/19/2020O'Day, KeiraJuvenile Moves In the Field
08/19/2020Tracy, EleanorJuvenile Moves In the Field
08/21/2020Joyce, SavannahPreliminary Free Skate
08/21/2020Mizuno, KumiJunior Free Skate
08/21/2020Rekas, KateSenior Solo Free Dance
08/26/2020Arntsen, HannaRavensburger Waltz
08/26/2020Arntsen, HannaMidnight Blues
08/27/2020Darang, ErinJunior Moves In The Field
08/27/2020Gregory, AnnikaJuvenile Moves In the Field
08/27/2020Novak, KenleyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/27/2020Peterson, ElsaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/27/2020Peterson, ElsaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/27/2020Steele, EmmaJunior Moves In The Field
08/27/2020Weaver, MorganIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/29/2020Allison, JasmineNovice Moves In The Field
08/29/2020Berkness, CarolinePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/29/2020Berkness, CarolinePre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/29/2020Bodelson, AshleyJuvenile Moves In the Field
08/29/2020Bodelson, AshleyPreliminary Free Skate
08/29/2020Boezinger, GraceBlues
08/29/2020Boezinger, GracePaso Doble
08/29/2020Boezinger, GraceStarlight Waltz
08/29/2020Boezinger, GracePre-Gold Dance Test
08/29/2020Cooper, NilaJunior Free Skate
09/01/2020Isaac, SareethaPreliminary Moves In The Field
09/03/2020Berlien, AshleighPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
09/10/2020Berkness, AnnaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
09/10/2020Berkness, AnnaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
09/10/2020Berkness, CarolineJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/10/2020Berkness, CarolineJuvenile Free Skate
09/10/2020Perepelitsyn, SophiaJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/10/2020Pihlstrom, AvaAmerican Waltz
09/10/2020Pihlstrom, AvaPaso Doble
09/10/2020Pihlstrom, AvaSilver Dance Test
09/10/2020Rekas, KateNovice Free Skate
09/10/2020Smith, LeahTango
09/10/2020Smith, LeahRocker Foxtrot
09/10/2020Smith, LeahAmerican Waltz
09/10/2020Smith, LeahSilver Dance Test
09/10/2020Steele, EmmaSwing Dance
09/10/2020Steele, EmmaPre-Bronze Dance Test
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienDutch Waltz
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienCanasta Tango
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienRhythm Blues
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienSwing Dance
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienCha Cha
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienFiesta Tango
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienPreliminary Dance Test
10/05/2020Pihlstrom, VivienPre-Bronze Dance Test
10/14/2020Hols, OliviaIntermediate Moves In The Field
10/14/2020Perepelitsyn, SophiaIntermediate Moves In The Field
10/14/2020Perepelitsyn, SophiaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
10/14/2020Privette, KyraPre-Juvenile Free Skate
10/14/2020Privette, SophiePre-Juvenile Free Skate
10/14/2020Udris, AnnaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field

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