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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
11/08/2017Abbott, VivianPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaDutch Waltz
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaCanasta Tango
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaRhythm Blues
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaSwing Dance
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaCha Cha
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaFiesta Tango
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaPreliminary Dance Test
07/01/2017Abraham, JessicaPre-Bronze Dance Test
06/28/2017Arimura, AtsukoSolo Dutch Waltz
06/28/2017Arimura, AtsukoSolo Canasta Tango
06/28/2017Arimura, AtsukoSolo Rhythm Blues
06/28/2017Arimura, AtsukoAdult Solo Cha Cha
06/28/2017Arimura, AtsukoSolo Preliminary Dance Test
05/12/2017Arimura, AtsukoAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
05/12/2017Arimura, AtsukoAdult Bronze Free Skating
08/10/2017Barnett, MorganJunior Moves In The Field
07/22/2017Bates, OliviaPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/22/2017Bates, OliviaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
04/29/2017Bates, OliviaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/16/2017Bayley, ChloePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
07/30/2017Bennett, JuliaPaso Doble
07/30/2017Bennett, JuliaKilian
05/24/2017Bennett, JuliaNovice Free Skating
06/14/2017Berrier, SydneyJunior Free Skating
04/07/2017Berrier, SydneyCha Cha
04/07/2017Berrier, SydneyFiesta Tango
02/08/2017Berrier, SydneySenior Moves In The Field
08/18/2017Berrier, ZoeIntermediate Moves In The Field
11/03/2017Boezinger, GraceJuvenile Moves In the Field
11/03/2017Boezinger, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skating
11/03/2017Boezinger, GraceSolo Willow Waltz
11/03/2017Boezinger, GraceSolo Ten Fox
11/03/2017Boezinger, GraceSolo Bronze Dance Test
06/09/2017Boezinger, GraceSolo Hickory Hoedown
04/08/2017Boezinger, GracePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
04/08/2017Boezinger, GraceSwing Dance
04/08/2017Boezinger, GraceFiesta Tango
04/08/2017Boezinger, GraceCha Cha
04/08/2017Boezinger, GracePreliminary Free Skating
04/08/2017Boezinger, GracePre-Bronze Dance Test
02/11/2017Boezinger, GraceDutch Waltz
02/11/2017Boezinger, GraceCanasta Tango
02/11/2017Boezinger, GraceRhythm Blues
02/11/2017Boezinger, GracePreliminary Dance Test
06/14/2017Briguene, SofiyaNovice Moves In The Field
06/14/2017Briguene, SofiyaIntermediate Free Skating
04/01/2017Brogdon, AislynPreliminary Free Skating
12/01/2017Bryden, MarisaNovice Moves In The Field
12/01/2017Bryden, MarisaJuvenile Free Skating
11/08/2017Bryden, MarisaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
12/13/2017Castelletti, MitchellJuvenile Free Skating
08/03/2017Castelletti, MitchellJuvenile Moves In the Field
05/18/2017Castelletti, MitchellPre-Juvenile Free Skating
03/08/2017Castelletti, MitchellPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
07/01/2017Chidester, NicolePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
07/01/2017Chidester, NicolePre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/25/2017Choi, SunnyNovice Free Skating
05/17/2017Christensen, EmmaSenior Moves In The Field
12/13/2017Cross, ShannonJuvenile Free Skating
06/14/2017Cross, ShannonPre-Juvenile Free Skating
05/25/2017Cross, ShannonJuvenile Moves In the Field
07/19/2017Debele, MadeleinePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
07/14/2017Edmundson, AlexisNovice Moves In The Field
12/04/2017Gibbs, GeorgiaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
12/19/2017Gibbs, SadieJunior Moves In The Field
08/03/2017Goodman, KirbySenior Solo Free Dance
05/18/2017Gorowsky, IzabelNovice Moves In The Field
05/18/2017Gorowsky, IzabelIntermediate Free Skating
09/14/2017Hayne, KennedyPreliminary Moves In The Field
03/27/2017Hayne, KennedyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
03/27/2017Hayne, KennedyPre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/16/2017Heegaard, SophiaNovice Free Skating
05/25/2017Heegaard, SophiaJunior Moves In The Field
03/08/2017Heegaard, SophiaIntermediate Free Skating
08/16/2017Heidtke, Sophia Juvenile Moves In the Field
05/18/2017Heidtke, Sophia Pre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
12/04/2017Hendrickson, RubyIntermediate Moves In The Field
05/17/2017Hendrickson, RubyJuvenile Free Skating
07/14/2017Hetzel, MarynSenior Moves In The Field
06/14/2017Hockin, KathrynAdult Gold Free Skating
05/17/2017Hockin, KathrynAdult Gold Moves In The Field
02/08/2017Hollihan, GarrettNovice Moves In The Field
04/15/2017Hols, OliviaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/15/2017Hols, OliviaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
10/19/2017Hong, Mikaela Juvenile Free Skating
06/14/2017Hong, Mikaela Juvenile Moves In the Field
04/19/2017Hong, Mikaela Pre-Juvenile Free Skating
02/20/2017Hong, Mikaela Preliminary Free Skating
02/20/2017Hong, Mikaela Pre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
04/15/2017Imdieke, AnnikaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/15/2017Imdieke, AnnikaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/16/2017Johnson, ColtonSenior Free Skating
04/29/2017Johnson, KatherinePreliminary Moves In The Field
02/13/2017Johnson, KatherinePre-Preliminary Free Skating
04/12/2017Johnson, RebekahIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/22/2017Kaus, OliviaSenior Moves In The Field
05/24/2017Kaus, OliviaJunior Moves In The Field
12/19/2017Kielas, MichellePre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/03/2017Kielsa, EmmaNovice Moves In The Field
06/22/2017Korba, KearaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
06/22/2017Korba, KearaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/24/2017Korn, DarinaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/24/2017Korn, DarinaPreliminary Free Skating
12/13/2017Koutlas, LyraIntermediate Free Skating
08/16/2017Koutlas, LyraJunior Moves In The Field
06/14/2017Koutlas, LyraJuvenile Free Skating
01/11/2017Koutlas, LyraNovice Moves In The Field
01/11/2017Koutlas, LyraPre-Juvenile Free Skating
06/28/2017Leither, SophieJunior Free Skating
12/09/2017Leslie, DalyceTango
06/25/2017Leslie, DalyceRocker Foxtrot
01/06/2017Leslie, DalyceIntermediate Moves In The Field
11/08/2017Lipovetz, GraceJuvenile Free Skating
04/12/2017Lipovetz, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skating
09/14/2017Machtemes, MorganJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/14/2017Machtemes, MorganPre-Preliminary Free Skating
12/19/2017Mayrose, VeronicaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
12/19/2017Mayrose, VeronicaPreliminary Free Skating
04/19/2017Mayrose, VeronicaPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/01/2017McDonald, KatherinePre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/03/2017Medd, KellySenior Solo Free Dance
12/08/2017Meyer, AdelinePre-Juvenile Free Skating
11/03/2017Meyer, AdelinePreliminary Free Skating
11/03/2017Meyer, AdelineJuvenile Moves In the Field
01/11/2017Meyer, AdelinePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
12/13/2017Mizuno, KumiJuvenile Free Skating
12/13/2017Mizuno, KumiJunior Moves In The Field
05/25/2017Mizuno, KumiNovice Moves In The Field
03/08/2017Mizuno, KumiPre-Juvenile Free Skating
03/16/2017Moree, MadalynSenior Free Skating
12/04/2017Noreen-Ruben, SandraAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skating
05/18/2017Noreen-Ruben, SandraAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
04/12/2017Oelrich, MinaJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/13/2017Olney, JaneJuvenile Free Skating
04/12/2017Olney, JaneIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/08/2017Olney, JanePre-Juvenile Free Skating
06/11/2017Olson, AnikaJunior Moves In The Field
04/02/2017Olson, AnikaJuvenile Free Skating
03/05/2017Olson, AnikaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
02/20/2017Olson, AnikaNovice Pair
07/08/2017Olson, JuliaKilian
07/08/2017Olson, JuliaBlues
05/07/2017Olson, JuliaTango
05/07/2017Olson, JuliaAmerican Waltz
05/07/2017Olson, JuliaSilver Dance Test
04/02/2017Olson, JuliaJunior Free Skating
04/02/2017Olson, JuliaRocker Foxtrot
03/05/2017Olson, JuliaFourteenstep
03/05/2017Olson, JuliaEuropean Waltz
03/05/2017Olson, JuliaFoxtrot
03/05/2017Olson, JuliaPre-Silver Dance Test
08/03/2017Olstad, LorenJuvenile Moves In the Field
03/16/2017Olstad, LorenPreliminary Free Skating
11/08/2017Pasdo, AllisonSenior Moves In The Field
08/16/2017Pasdo, AllisonNovice Free Skating
08/16/2017Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiIntermediate Moves In The Field
04/15/2017Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiPreliminary Free Skating
11/08/2017Pihlstrom, AvaIntermediate Free Skating
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaDutch Waltz
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaCanasta Tango
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaRhythm Blues
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaSwing Dance
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaCha Cha
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaFiesta Tango
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaPreliminary Dance Test
10/13/2017Pihlstrom, AvaPre-Bronze Dance Test
04/20/2017Pihlstrom, AvaSenior Moves In The Field
04/12/2017Pihlstrom, AvaJuvenile Free Skating
01/11/2017Pihlstrom, AvaJunior Moves In The Field
10/11/2017Pihlstrom, VivienJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/12/2017Pihlstrom, VivienPreliminary Free Skating
01/11/2017Pihlstrom, VivienPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/08/2017Rekas, KateJuvenile Free Skating
04/12/2017Rekas, KateNovice Moves In The Field
04/12/2017Rekas, KatePre-Juvenile Free Skating
12/19/2017Reville, VictoriaIntermediate Moves In The Field
12/01/2017Reville, VictoriaJuvenile Free Skating
01/22/2017Reville, VictoriaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
02/08/2017Richardson, AbbySenior Free Skating
03/11/2017Salehpoor, AsalAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
04/19/2017Scott, LaurenPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/17/2017Selstad, AmeliaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/17/2017Selstad, AmeliaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
04/15/2017Smith, DanaPreliminary Free Skating
02/08/2017Smith, DanaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/08/2017Smith, LeahIntermediate Free Skating
05/25/2017Smith, LeahSenior Moves In The Field
02/08/2017Smith, LeahJuvenile Free Skating
02/08/2017Smith, LeahJunior Moves In The Field
08/16/2017Stoelzing, GraceJunior Moves In The Field
02/08/2017Stoelzing, GraceNovice Free Skating
01/11/2017Stoelzing, GraceNovice Moves In The Field
07/22/2017Suszko, LaurenSenior Moves In The Field
09/14/2017Tappe, CoraJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/14/2017Tappe, CoraJuvenile Free Skating
02/17/2017Tappe, CoraPreliminary Free Skating
02/17/2017Tappe, CoraPre-Juvenile Free Skating
09/14/2017Tappe, JamiePreliminary Moves In The Field
09/08/2017Thorne, HeatherAdult Bronze Free Skating
07/01/2017Thorne, HeatherPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
07/01/2017Thorne, HeatherPre-Preliminary Free Skating
07/01/2017Thorne, HeatherSolo Cha Cha
07/22/2017Thorne, WilliamNovice Moves In The Field
07/22/2017Thorne, WilliamJuvenile Free Skating
08/17/2017Tomczik, SamPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/17/2017Tomczik, SamPre-Preliminary Free Skating

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