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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
01/14/2015Andrusko, MichaelaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
01/14/2015Koutlas, LyraPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
01/14/2015Koutlas, LyraPreliminary Moves In The Field
01/14/2015Olney, JanePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
01/15/2015Sweet, KaelinPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
01/16/2015Slack, OliviaNovice Moves In The Field
01/18/2015Pressman, AriSwing Dance
01/18/2015Pressman, AriCha Cha
01/18/2015Pressman, AriFiesta Tango
01/18/2015Pressman, AriPre-Bronze Dance Test
02/11/2015Bennett, JuliaJuvenile Pair
02/11/2015Brogdon, AislynPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/11/2015Glyer, EmmaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
02/11/2015Goodman, KirbyJunior Moves In The Field
02/11/2015Goodman, KirbyNovice Free Skating
02/11/2015Hollihan, GarrettJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/11/2015Kurzejeski, KatiePre-Juvenile Free Skating
02/16/2015Bryden, MarisaJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/16/2015Potenza, GracePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
02/18/2015Castelletti, MitchellPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/18/2015Johnson, ColtonJunior Free Skating
02/18/2015Mikelson, JulieAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skating
02/18/2015Mikelson, JulieAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
02/18/2015O'Connor, KayleeIntermediate Moves In The Field
02/20/2015DaBruzzi, AmeliaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
02/20/2015Olson, TaylerPreliminary Moves In The Field
02/20/2015Pearson, ClarePreliminary Moves In The Field
02/22/2015Jackson, EllaPreliminary Moves In The Field
02/25/2015Briguene, SofiyaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
03/02/2015Richardson, SophieJunior Free Skating
03/06/2015Bennett, JuliaHickory Hoedown
03/06/2015Bennett, JuliaWillow Waltz
03/06/2015Bennett, JuliaTen Fox
03/06/2015Bennett, JuliaFourteenstep
03/06/2015Bennett, JuliaBronze Dance Test
03/06/2015Berrier, ZoeSwing Dance
03/06/2015Berrier, ZoeCha Cha
03/06/2015Berrier, ZoeFiesta Tango
03/06/2015Berrier, ZoePre-Bronze Dance Test
03/06/2015Lipovetz, GraceSwing Dance
03/06/2015Lipovetz, GraceFiesta Tango
03/06/2015Lipovetz, GracePre-Bronze Dance Test
03/06/2015Thorne, HeatherAdult Hickory Hoedown
03/06/2015Thorne, WilliamSwing Dance
03/06/2015Thorne, WilliamCha Cha
03/06/2015Thorne, WilliamFiesta Tango
03/06/2015Thorne, WilliamPre-Bronze Dance Test
03/11/2015Constable, IsabelPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
03/11/2015Smith, LeahJuvenile Moves In the Field
03/12/2015Bennett, JuliaSenior Moves In The Field
03/27/2015Peterson, AmandaJunior Moves In The Field
03/28/2015Thorne, HeatherAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
03/28/2015Wittmann, JocelynnJunior Moves In The Field
04/03/2015Barnett, MorganDutch Waltz
04/03/2015Barnett, MorganCanasta Tango
04/03/2015Barnett, MorganRhythm Blues
04/03/2015Barnett, MorganPreliminary Dance Test
04/03/2015Hockin, KathrynAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
04/03/2015Hockin, KathrynAdult Bronze Free Skating
04/03/2015Smith, LeahPreliminary Free Skating
04/11/2015Reville, VictoriaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/14/2015Kielas, MichellePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/14/2015Pasdo, AllisonIntermediate Free Skating
04/14/2015Richardson, AbbyJunior Free Skating
04/20/2015Ercolani, CarmenPreliminary Moves In The Field
04/20/2015Ercolani, CarmenPreliminary Free Skating
04/20/2015Romsaas, MiaPreliminary Moves In The Field
04/20/2015Romsaas, MiaPreliminary Free Skating
04/20/2015Schwarzkopf, CaseyPreliminary Free Skating
04/24/2015Heegaard, SophiaJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/24/2015Heegaard, SophiaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
04/24/2015Jass, StellaJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/24/2015Jass, StellaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
04/24/2015Rekas, KatePreliminary Free Skating
04/24/2015Rekas, KatePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
04/24/2015Stoelzing, GraceJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/24/2015Stoelzing, GraceJuvenile Free Skating
04/29/2015Bennett, JuliaIntermediate Free Skating
04/29/2015White, EvaSenior Moves In The Field
05/06/2015O'Connor, KayleeJuvenile Free Skating
05/12/2015Moree, MadalynJuvenile Pair
05/12/2015Moree, MadalynIntermediate Pair
05/12/2015Thorne, WilliamPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/13/2015Goers, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skating
05/13/2015Hetzel, MarynNovice Moves In The Field
05/13/2015Pasdo, AllisonNovice Moves In The Field
05/13/2015Pihlstrom, AvaJuvenile Moves In the Field
05/13/2015Richardson, AbbySenior Moves In The Field
05/14/2015Hornback, BrittaNovice Moves In The Field
05/14/2015Hornback, BrittaJuvenile Free Skating
05/15/2015Slack, OliviaJunior Moves In The Field
05/27/2015Brown, LillyPre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/27/2015Pugh, GraceJuvenile Moves In the Field
05/28/2015Kang, JanetDutch Waltz
05/28/2015Kang, JanetCanasta Tango
05/28/2015Kang, JanetRhythm Blues
05/28/2015Kang, JanetPreliminary Dance Test
05/28/2015Olney, JanePreliminary Moves In The Field
05/28/2015Olney, JanePre-Preliminary Free Skating
06/03/2015Bienemann, AlexandraPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
06/03/2015Bienemann, AlexandraPre-Preliminary Free Skating
06/17/2015Constable, IsabelJuvenile Moves In the Field
06/17/2015Constable, IsabelPre-Juvenile Free Skating
06/17/2015Jensen, TessIntermediate Moves In The Field
06/17/2015Koutlas, LyraJuvenile Moves In the Field
06/17/2015Medd, KellySenior Moves In The Field
06/17/2015Smith, LeahIntermediate Moves In The Field
06/25/2015Hendrickson, RubyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
06/30/2015Jensen, TessIntermediate Free Skating
07/07/2015Reville, VictoriaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
07/24/2015Goranowski, BonnieAdult Gold Moves In The Field
07/25/2015Salehpoor, AsalAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
07/25/2015Salehpoor, AsalAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skating
07/25/2015Suszko, LaurenJunior Moves In The Field
07/25/2015Suszko, LaurenNovice Free Skating
07/25/2015Thorne, WilliamJuvenile Moves In the Field
07/30/2015Arntsen, HannaKilian
07/30/2015Arntsen, HannaStarlight Waltz
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaDutch Waltz
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaCanasta Tango
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaRhythm Blues
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaSwing Dance
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaCha Cha
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaFiesta Tango
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaPreliminary Dance Test
07/30/2015Christie, AlanaPre-Bronze Dance Test
07/30/2015Gibbs, SadieIntermediate Moves In The Field
07/30/2015Goers, GraceJuvenile Moves In the Field
07/30/2015Hetzel, MarynNovice Free Skating
07/30/2015Jass, StellaIntermediate Moves In The Field
07/30/2015Jensen, LaceyIntermediate Moves In The Field
07/30/2015Kurzejeski, KatieNovice Moves In The Field
07/30/2015Kurzejeski, KatieJuvenile Free Skating
07/30/2015Machtemes, MorganPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/30/2015Pihlstrom, AvaIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/02/2015Bennett, JuliaFoxtrot
08/02/2015Bennett, JuliaEuropean Waltz
08/02/2015Bennett, JuliaJuvenile Free Dance
08/02/2015Bennett, JuliaPre-Silver Dance Test
08/18/2015DaBruzzi, AmeliaPreliminary Free Skating
08/19/2015Constable, IsabelIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/19/2015Glyer, EmmaJuvenile Moves In the Field
08/19/2015Johnson, RebekahPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/19/2015Schwarzkopf, CaseyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/19/2015Schwarzkopf, CaseyPre-Juvenile Free Skating
08/19/2015Wolpert, IsabellePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/22/2015Kaus, OliviaNovice Moves In The Field
08/22/2015Medd, KellyJunior Free Skating
08/26/2015Christensen, EmmaDutch Waltz
08/26/2015Christensen, EmmaCanasta Tango
08/26/2015Christensen, EmmaRhythm Blues
08/26/2015Christensen, EmmaPreliminary Dance Test
08/26/2015Cross, ShannonPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/26/2015Mizuno, KumiPreliminary Free Skating
08/26/2015Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiPre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/26/2015Pihlstrom, VivienPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/26/2015Smith, DanaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/28/2015Kang, JanetSwing Dance
08/28/2015Kang, JanetCha Cha
08/28/2015Kang, JanetFiesta Tango
08/28/2015Kang, JanetHickory Hoedown
08/28/2015Kang, JanetWillow Waltz
08/28/2015Kang, JanetTen Fox
08/28/2015Kang, JanetJuvenile Free Dance
08/28/2015Kang, JanetIntermediate Free Dance
08/28/2015Kang, JanetPre-Bronze Dance Test
08/28/2015Kang, JanetBronze Dance Test
08/30/2015Moree, MadalynJuvenile Free Dance
08/31/2015Thorne, WilliamJuvenile Free Dance
09/16/2015O'Connor, KayleeNovice Moves In The Field
09/17/2015Arntsen, HannaPaso Doble
09/17/2015Arntsen, HannaBlues
09/17/2015Arntsen, HannaPre-Gold Dance Test
09/17/2015Barnett, MorganSwing Dance
09/17/2015Barnett, MorganCha Cha
09/17/2015Hollihan, GarrettIntermediate Moves In The Field
09/17/2015Jensen, LaceyIntermediate Free Skating
09/17/2015Johnson, RebekahPre-Juvenile Free Skating
09/17/2015Rekas, KateJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/17/2015Thorne, HeatherAdult Pre-Bronze Free Dance
09/28/2015Hendrickson, RubyPreliminary Free Skating
10/02/2015Peterson, AmandaSenior Moves In The Field
10/02/2015Sweet, KaelinJuvenile Moves In the Field
10/03/2015Potenza, GracePreliminary Free Skating
10/03/2015Potenza, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skating
10/07/2015Stoelzing, GraceIntermediate Moves In The Field
10/08/2015Brown, LillyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
10/15/2015Mayrose, VeronicaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
10/15/2015Scott, LaurenPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
10/15/2015Wittmann, JocelynnSenior Moves In The Field
10/16/2015Warling, BebeDutch Waltz
10/16/2015Warling, BebeCanasta Tango
10/16/2015Warling, BebeRhythm Blues
10/16/2015Warling, BebePreliminary Dance Test
10/23/2015Barnett, MorganJuvenile Free Skating
11/04/2015Briguene, SofiyaJuvenile Moves In the Field
11/04/2015O'Connor, KayleeIntermediate Free Skating
11/11/2015Christensen, EmmaSwing Dance
11/11/2015Christensen, EmmaCha Cha
11/11/2015Christensen, EmmaFiesta Tango
11/11/2015Christensen, EmmaPre-Bronze Dance Test
11/11/2015Cross, ShannonPreliminary Free Skating
11/11/2015Hockin, KathrynAdult Silver Moves In The Field
11/11/2015Hollihan, GarrettPre-Juvenile Free Skating
11/11/2015Jensen, TessNovice Moves In The Field
11/11/2015Koutlas, LyraPreliminary Free Skating
11/11/2015Mizuno, KumiPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/11/2015Olney, JanePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/11/2015Veith, LisaAdult European Waltz
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnDutch Waltz
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnCanasta Tango
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnRhythm Blues
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnSwing Dance
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnCha Cha
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnFiesta Tango
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnPreliminary Dance Test
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnPre-Bronze Dance Test
11/11/2015Wittmann, JocelynnPre-Bronze Dance Test
11/11/2015Wolpert, IsabellePre-Juvenile Free Skating
11/13/2015Bennett, JuliaAmerican Waltz
11/13/2015Bennett, JuliaTango
11/13/2015Bennett, JuliaRocker Foxtrot
11/13/2015Bennett, JuliaSilver Dance Test
11/13/2015Berrier, SydneyDutch Waltz
11/13/2015Berrier, SydneyCanasta Tango
11/13/2015Berrier, SydneyRhythm Blues
11/13/2015Berrier, SydneyPreliminary Dance Test
11/13/2015Berrier, ZoeHickory Hoedown
11/13/2015Berrier, ZoeTen Fox
11/13/2015Berrier, ZoePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/19/2015Slack, OliviaSenior Moves In The Field
11/19/2015Sweet, KaelinPre-Juvenile Free Skating
12/03/2015Briguene, SofiyaPreliminary Free Skating
12/03/2015Briguene, SofiyaPre-Juvenile Free Skating
12/04/2015Schaan, SimonePre-Preliminary Free Skating
12/06/2015Wischnack, CharliePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
12/07/2015Bienemann, AlexandraPreliminary Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Andrusko, MichaelaJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/09/2015Barnett, MorganFiesta Tango
12/09/2015Barnett, MorganPre-Bronze Dance Test
12/09/2015Goers, GraceIntermediate Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Goers, GraceJuvenile Free Skating
12/09/2015Heegaard, SophiaIntermediate Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Jass, StellaNovice Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Jass, StellaJuvenile Free Skating
12/09/2015Lipovetz, GracePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Lipovetz, GracePreliminary Free Skating
12/09/2015Olson, JuliaNovice Free Skating
12/09/2015Pihlstrom, AvaNovice Moves In The Field
12/09/2015Wittmann, JocelynnHickory Hoedown
12/09/2015Wittmann, JocelynnWillow Waltz
12/09/2015Wittmann, JocelynnTen Fox
12/09/2015Wittmann, JocelynnBronze Dance Test
12/17/2015Korn, DarinaJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/18/2015Arntsen, HannaViennese Waltz
12/18/2015Arntsen, HannaArgentine Tango
12/18/2015Constable, IsabelJuvenile Free Skating
12/18/2015Moree, MadalynHickory Hoedown
12/18/2015Moree, MadalynTen Fox
12/18/2015Moree, MadalynWillow Waltz
12/18/2015Moree, MadalynBronze Dance Test
12/18/2015Thorne, HeatherAdult Willow Waltz
12/18/2015Thorne, WilliamHickory Hoedown
12/18/2015Thorne, WilliamTen Fox
12/20/2015Reville, VictoriaPreliminary Moves In The Field

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