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Starlight Social Ice Contract
09/05/2019 - 11/21/2019

Section 1. Purpose:
The purpose of this agreement is to obtain 25 people who wish to contract with the Starlight Ice Dance Club of the Twin Cities to participate in weekly ice dance social sessions. The specific purpose of this agreement is to obtain 25 people, so that the club can raise the sum of $1,200.00 which amount shall be used toward the purchase of 12 sessions of private ice time 1 hr and 15 minutes long at Parade Ice Arena, at $200.00 per session. The dates are 9/5/2019 - 11/21/2019, on Thursdays (except for the first date which is a Tuesday) from 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM. Jon Koser, as treasurer for the club, will act on behalf of the club in the performance of this agreement.

Section 2. Contractees agree as follows:
A. Contractees will pay $100.00 each plus the online convenience fee. Payment shall be made online via credit card or Paypal in the appropriate amount to Starlight Ice Dance Club.
B. To indemnify and hold harmless the club, Jon Koser, and all members of the club, from any and all liability or damages resulting from injuries or accidents in any way or related to club activities.

Section 3. The club, by and through Jon Koser, agrees as follows:
A. To collect and hold the contract fees paid by the club members and to use said funds to purchase 12 segments of private ice time at Parade Ice Arena for the exclusive use of the club.
B. To return all of the contract fees to the respected contractees (by mail to the address indicated below) in the event that significantly fewer than 25 persons become paying contractees as set forth above.
C. To compile and keep accurate records of the names and addresses of the contractees and of all amounts paid to or expended by the club. These records will be made available for review by contractees at any reasonable time.

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