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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
02/04/2016Berrier, SydneyNovice Moves In The Field
02/04/2016Glyer, EmmaIntermediate Moves In The Field
02/04/2016Machtemes, MorganPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
02/10/2016Choi, SunnyIntermediate Free Skate
02/10/2016Constable, IsabelIntermediate Free Skate
02/10/2016Mizuno, KumiJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/13/2016Tappe, CoraPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/13/2016Tappe, CoraPreliminary Moves In The Field
02/13/2016Tappe, CoraPre-Preliminary Free Skate
02/15/2016Christensen, EmmaNovice Moves In The Field
02/15/2016Hetzel, MarynJunior Moves In The Field
02/16/2016Briguene, SofiyaJuvenile Free Skate
02/18/2016Tomari-Leak, ClairSenior Moves In The Field
02/24/2016Rekas, KateIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/09/2016Barnett, MorganHickory Hoedown
03/09/2016Barnett, MorganWillow Waltz
03/09/2016Barnett, MorganTen-Fox
03/09/2016Barnett, MorganBronze Dance Test
03/09/2016Bryden, MarisaPreliminary Free Skate
03/09/2016Bryden, MarisaIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/09/2016Christensen, EmmaHickory Hoedown
03/09/2016Christensen, EmmaWillow Waltz
03/09/2016Christensen, EmmaTen-Fox
03/09/2016Christensen, EmmaBronze Dance Test
03/09/2016Gibbs, SadieIntermediate Free Skate
03/09/2016Goers, GraceIntermediate Free Skate
03/09/2016Goodman, KirbySenior Moves In The Field
03/09/2016Heegaard, SophiaJuvenile Free Skate
03/09/2016Heidtke, Sophia Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
03/09/2016Hollihan, GarrettJuvenile Free Skate
03/09/2016Olney, JanePreliminary Free Skate
03/09/2016Pihlstrom, AvaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
03/09/2016Pihlstrom, VivienPre-Preliminary Free Skate
03/09/2016Smith, LeahPre-Juvenile Free Skate
03/09/2016Stoelzing, GraceIntermediate Free Skate
03/09/2016Thorne, WilliamWillow Waltz
03/09/2016Thorne, WilliamBronze Dance Test
03/10/2016Thorne, WilliamIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/17/2016Warling, BebePreliminary Free Skate
03/18/2016Agnessi, SophiaPreliminary Moves In The Field
03/18/2016Barnett, MorganNovice Moves In The Field
03/18/2016Jensen, TessNovice Free Skate
03/18/2016Johnson, RebekahJuvenile Moves In the Field
03/18/2016Oelrich, MinaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
03/30/2016Castelletti, MitchellPreliminary Moves In The Field
04/09/2016Schaan, SimonePreliminary Moves In The Field
04/13/2016Goodman, KirbyJunior Free Skate
04/13/2016Lipovetz, GraceJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/15/2016Brogdon, AislynPre-Preliminary Free Skate
04/15/2016Wittmann, JocelynnFourteenstep
04/15/2016Wittmann, JocelynnEuropean Waltz
04/15/2016Wittmann, JocelynnFoxtrot
04/15/2016Wittmann, JocelynnPre-Silver Dance Test
04/22/2016Meyer, AdelinePre-Preliminary Free Skate
04/23/2016Korba, KearaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/23/2016Olstad, LorenPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/24/2016Leslie, DalyceJuvenile Free Skate
04/26/2016Berrier, ZoeWillow Waltz
04/26/2016Berrier, ZoeFourteenstep
04/26/2016Berrier, ZoeBronze Dance Test
04/26/2016Thorne, WilliamFourteenstep
05/10/2016Castelletti, MitchellPre-Preliminary Free Skate
05/10/2016Choi, SunnyNovice Moves In The Field
05/18/2016Andrusko, MichaelaJuvenile Free Skate
05/18/2016Constable, IsabelNovice Moves In The Field
05/18/2016Jensen, TessJunior Moves In The Field
05/18/2016Koutlas, LyraIntermediate Moves In The Field
05/18/2016Smith, LeahNovice Moves In The Field
05/19/2016Hornback, BrittaIntermediate Free Skate
05/19/2016Pugh, GraceIntermediate Moves In The Field
05/19/2016Schwab, MadelinePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
05/21/2016Reville, VictoriaPreliminary Free Skate
05/21/2016Reville, VictoriaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/25/2016Jackson, EllaPreliminary Free Skate
05/27/2016Warling, BebeJuvenile Moves In the Field
06/10/2016Boezinger, GracePre-Preliminary Free Skate
06/10/2016Smith, DanaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
06/10/2016Smith, DanaPreliminary Moves In The Field
06/23/2016Medd, KellySenior Free Skate
06/23/2016Wittmann, JocelynnNovice Free Skate
06/24/2016Warling, BebeSwing Dance
06/24/2016Warling, BebeCha Cha
06/24/2016Warling, BebeFiesta Tango
06/24/2016Warling, BebePre-Bronze Dance Test
06/29/2016Edmundson, AlexisPre-Juvenile Free Skate
07/06/2016Hockin, KathrynAdult Silver Free Skate
07/06/2016Thorne, WilliamIntermediate Free Dance
07/20/2016Leither, SophieNovice Free Skate
07/21/2016Olstad, LorenPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/28/2016Korba, KearaPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/04/2016Hendrickson, RubyPre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/04/2016Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/09/2016Johnson, KatherinePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/14/2016Tappe, CoraPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/14/2016Tappe, JamiePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/16/2016Briguene, SofiyaIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/16/2016Edmundson, AlexisJuvenile Free Skate
08/17/2016Cross, ShannonPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Goers, GraceNovice Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Goodman, KirbySenior Free Skate
08/17/2016Jensen, TessSenior Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Krause, Stephanie Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Krause, Stephanie Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
08/17/2016Mizuno, KumiIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Pihlstrom, VivienPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/17/2016Saurer, MartiAdult Bronze Free Skate
08/17/2016Thorne, HeatherSolo Dutch Waltz
08/17/2016Thorne, HeatherSolo Canasta Tango
08/17/2016Thorne, HeatherSolo Rhythm Blues
08/17/2016Thorne, HeatherSolo Preliminary Dance Test
08/23/2016Berrier, SydneyNovice Free Skate
08/23/2016Hetzel, MarynJunior Free Skate
08/23/2016Kielsa, EmmaIntermediate Moves In The Field
08/23/2016Kielsa, EmmaPre-Juvenile Free Skate
08/23/2016Serna, ChelseyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/24/2016Brogdon, AislynPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/28/2016Jackson, EllaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
09/01/2016Holmberg, CatherineAdult American Waltz
09/01/2016Olstad, LorenPre-Preliminary Free Skate
09/15/2016Thorne, WilliamPre-Juvenile Free Skate
09/23/2016Goranowski, BonnieIntermediate Moves In The Field - Adult
09/28/2016Berrier, SydneyJunior Moves In The Field
09/28/2016Berrier, ZoeJuvenile Moves In the Field
09/28/2016Glyer, EmmaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
10/13/2016Christensen, EmmaJunior Moves In The Field
10/13/2016Edmundson, AlexisIntermediate Free Skate
10/13/2016Hong, Mikaela Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
10/13/2016Hong, Mikaela Preliminary Moves In The Field
10/13/2016Hong, Mikaela Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
10/13/2016Mack, MaryAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
10/28/2016Pugh, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skate
11/06/2016Olson, AnikaNovice Moves In The Field
11/09/2016Constable, IsabelJunior Moves In The Field
11/09/2016Heegaard, SophiaNovice Moves In The Field
11/09/2016Johnson, RebekahJuvenile Free Skate
11/09/2016Kurzejeski, KatieJunior Moves In The Field
11/09/2016Kurzejeski, KatieIntermediate Free Skate
11/09/2016Lipovetz, GraceIntermediate Moves In The Field
11/09/2016Olney, JaneJuvenile Moves In the Field
11/09/2016Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiJuvenile Moves In the Field
11/09/2016Smith, ElizabethAdult Bronze Free Skate
11/11/2016Castelletti, MitchellPreliminary Free Skate
11/15/2016Krause, Stephanie Preliminary Moves In The Field
11/15/2016Krause, Stephanie Preliminary Free Skate
11/15/2016McDonald, KatherinePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
11/15/2016Peterson, JaneDutch Waltz
11/15/2016Peterson, JaneCanasta Tango
11/15/2016Peterson, JaneRhythm Blues
11/15/2016Peterson, JanePreliminary Dance Test
11/16/2016Pasdo, AllisonJunior Moves In The Field
11/22/2016Hornback, BrittaJunior Moves In The Field
11/22/2016Hornback, BrittaNovice Free Skate
11/22/2016Kielsa, EmmaJuvenile Free Skate
11/22/2016Noreen-Ruben, SandraAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
11/22/2016Schwab, MadelinePreliminary Moves In The Field
12/02/2016Andrusko, MichaelaIntermediate Moves In The Field
12/02/2016Schaan, SimonePreliminary Free Skate
12/03/2016Koser, JonMasters Fourteenstep
12/07/2016Berrier, ZoeFoxtrot
12/07/2016Gibbs, SadieNovice Moves In The Field
12/07/2016Heidtke, Sophia Preliminary Free Skate
12/07/2016Hendrickson, RubyJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/07/2016Korn, DarinaIntermediate Moves In The Field
12/07/2016Pugh, GraceJuvenile Free Skate
12/07/2016Thorne, WilliamEuropean Waltz
12/07/2016Thorne, WilliamFoxtrot
12/07/2016Thorne, WilliamPre-Silver Dance Test
12/11/2016Reville, VictoriaJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/14/2016Olstad, LorenPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
12/15/2016Kielas, MichellePreliminary Moves In The Field

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