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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
01/09/2009Kaminski, CocoIntermediate Moves In The Field
01/14/2009Goodman, KirbyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
01/14/2009Goodman, KirbyPre-Preliminary Free Skate
01/14/2009Johnson, ColtonIntermediate Free Skate
01/29/2009Suszko, LaurenPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
01/29/2009Wick, StephanieNovice Moves In The Field
02/10/2009Vike, KirstenSenior Free Skate
02/11/2009Pressman, AriPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
02/12/2009Ploumidis, ElizabethJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/16/2009Kielsa, EmmaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/23/2009Medd, KellyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/23/2009Medd, KellyPre-Preliminary Free Skate
03/12/2009Ploumidis, ElizabethJuvenile Free Skate
03/17/2009Newcombe, KeithIntermediate Moves In The Field
03/25/2009Balthazor, KellySwing Dance
03/25/2009Balthazor, KellyPreliminary Moves In The Field
03/25/2009Balthazor, KellyPre-Bronze Dance Test
04/01/2009Pressman, AriPre-Juvenile Free Skate
04/10/2009Logren, SabrinaSenior Free Skate
04/10/2009Logren, SabrinaDutch Waltz
04/10/2009Logren, SabrinaCanasta Tango
04/10/2009Logren, SabrinaRhythm Blues
04/10/2009Logren, SabrinaPreliminary Dance Test
04/11/2009Voss, HaileyWillow Waltz
04/11/2009Voss, HaileyHickory Hoedown
04/11/2009Voss, HaileyTen-Fox
04/11/2009Voss, HaileyBronze Dance Test
05/09/2009Balthazor, KellyHickory Hoedown
05/09/2009Gorowsky, IzabelPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
05/14/2009Logren, SabrinaSwing Dance
05/14/2009Logren, SabrinaCha Cha
05/14/2009Logren, SabrinaFiesta Tango
05/14/2009Logren, SabrinaPre-Bronze Dance Test
05/14/2009Pressman, AriJuvenile Moves In the Field
06/11/2009Suszko, LaurenPre-Preliminary Free Skate
06/19/2009Logren, SabrinaHickory Hoedown
06/19/2009Logren, SabrinaWillow Waltz
06/19/2009Logren, SabrinaTen-Fox
06/19/2009Logren, SabrinaBronze Dance Test
06/20/2009Voss, HaileyNovice Moves In The Field
06/20/2009Voss, HaileyPre-Juvenile Free Skate
06/20/2009Voss, HaileyJuvenile Free Skate
06/25/2009Medd, KellyPreliminary Moves In The Field
07/08/2009Veith, LisaWillow Waltz
07/08/2009Veith, LisaHickory Hoedown
07/08/2009Veith, LisaTen-Fox
07/08/2009Veith, LisaBronze Dance Test
07/09/2009Johnson, ColtonSenior Moves In The Field
08/12/2009Kaminski, CocoNovice Moves In The Field
08/18/2009Goodman, KirbyPreliminary Moves In The Field
08/19/2009Koser, JonAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
08/21/2009Logren, SabrinaFourteenstep
08/21/2009Logren, SabrinaFoxtrot
08/30/2009Newcombe, KeithIntermediate Free Skate
09/02/2009Balthazor, KellyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
09/02/2009Gorowsky, IzabelPreliminary Moves In The Field
09/30/2009Goranowski, BonnieAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skate
10/11/2009Balthazor, KellyWillow Waltz
10/11/2009Balthazor, KellyTen-Fox
10/11/2009Balthazor, KellyBronze Dance Test
11/04/2009Goranowski, BonnieAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
11/04/2009Goranowski, BonnieAdult Bronze Free Skate
11/11/2009Christensen, EmmaPre-Preliminary Free Skate
11/11/2009Pressman, AriJuvenile Free Skate
11/11/2009Suszko, LaurenPreliminary Moves In The Field
12/03/2009Koser, JonAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
12/09/2009Kaminski, CocoIntermediate Free Skate
12/17/2009Christie, AlanaJunior Free Skate
12/17/2009Koser, JonAdult Swing Dance
12/17/2009Koser, JonDutch Waltz
12/17/2009Koser, JonCanasta Tango
12/17/2009Koser, JonRhythm Blues
12/17/2009Koser, JonAdult Cha Cha
12/17/2009Koser, JonAdult Fiesta Tango
12/17/2009Koser, JonPreliminary Dance Test
12/17/2009Koser, JonAdult Pre-Bronze Dance Test
12/21/2009Peterson, JaneAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
12/21/2009Peterson, JaneAdult Bronze Free Skate

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