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July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

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First Family Member (good for 1 year; includes USFS dues and Skating Magazine)$100.00
Additional Family Member (good for 1 year; includes USFS dues)$60.00
Introductory Membership (good for 1 year; includes USFS dues and Skating Magazine)$65.00
Collegiate Member (good for 4 years; includes USFS dues and Skating Magazine)$170.00
Associate Member (good for 1 year of Starlight membership only)$35.00
      U.S. Figure Skating Home Club (if applying for Associate)

I hereby apply for skating membership in the Starlight Ice Dance Club of the Twin Cities (Starlight). I agree to comply with the Starlight rules, as stated in the bylaws (available at, when participating in any Starlight activities. I recognize that Starlight has been formed to promote ice dancing. It is understood that Starlight will take reasonable means to provide a safe experience for its membership; however, it is further understood that ice skating is inherently dangerous and neither Starlight nor its officers or board members assume any financial responsibility for any accidents that may occur.
I have read and understand the Safe Sport Statement and Member Code of Conduct.