July 26 - 28, 2019
Bloomington Ice Garden, Bloomington, MN
note: Due to renovations at the Bloomington Ice Garden this year, we will be on rink 1 instead of our usual rink. A temporary entrance is on the north side of the building.

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To register, complete the online registration form and choose to pay by mailing a check or with Paypal.  Checks may be post-dated to the weekend and still qualify for the early-bird discount (if post-marked by 06/26/2019).  Credit cards are accepted through Paypal.  Drop-in registrations are also welcome, but for planning purposes we greatly appreciate your advance registration!   For information about coach discounts, click here.

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Weekend Pricing
Full Weekend Package $230  save $20!
A La Carte Selections - Indicated Below

A La Carte Pricing
$45  Friday 2 Program Dances and Dinner
$25  Saturday Clinic
$45  Saturday 3 Program Dances and Lunch
$60  Saturday Dinner Dance
$50  Sunday 2 Program Dances, Breakfast and Lunch
$25  Sunday Clinic
$50  Sunday Breakfast, Clinic and 1st (Bronze and below) Program Dance Only

Other Additions
$12  Friday Night Dinner Only
$10  Saturday Lunch Only
$60  Saturday Dinner Dance - Guest, Guest Full Name:
$10  Sunday Breakfast Only
$10  Sunday Lunch Only

Saturday Dinner Selections
Saturday Dinner Selection (if applicable):
Dijon Chicken
Roast Beef
Vegetarian Pasta
Saturday Guest Dinner Selection (if applicable):
Dijon Chicken
Roast Beef
Vegetarian Pasta

40% Youth Discount (for skaters under the age of 21, does not apply to 'other additions')


* I accept that participation in the sport of ice dancing may expose me to inherent and other risks and dangers that may cause injury or death. I therefore agree to accept any and all responsibility for any and all injury or property damage and agree to make no claim against the Starlight Ice Dance Club of the Twin Cities or its members for any injury or harm to me regardless of cause. For the protection and safety of all parties involved, Starlight Ice Dance Club of the Twin Cities reserves the right to have anyone causing harm or endangering others or themselves removed from the premises.

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The Minneapolis Ice Dance Weekend is hosted by the Starlight Ice Dance Club of the Twin Cities
Weekend Coordinator: Becky Evans, rkesk8@gmail.com
Please contact with any questions.