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Congratulations Starlight skaters for passing the following tests!
Date Name Test
01/10/2014Richardson, SophieJuvenile Free Skating
01/10/2014Richardson, SophieIntermediate Free Skating
02/02/2014Jackson, EllaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/12/2014Berrier, ZoePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/12/2014Glyer, EmmaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/12/2014Johnson, RebekahPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/12/2014Johnson, RebekahPre-Preliminary Free Skating
02/12/2014Machtemes, MorganPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
02/12/2014Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiPreliminary Moves In The Field
02/15/2014Thorne, WilliamPreliminary Moves In The Field
02/15/2014Thorne, WilliamPreliminary Free Skating
02/17/2014Berrier, SydneyIntermediate Moves In The Field
02/17/2014Michel, CatherinePreliminary Free Skating
02/19/2014O'Connor, KayleeJuvenile Moves In the Field
02/22/2014Barnett, MorganIntermediate Moves In The Field
02/22/2014Gibbs, SadiePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
02/22/2014Hendrickson, RubyPre-Preliminary Free Skating
02/22/2014White, EvaNovice Free Skating
02/27/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethSwing Dance
02/27/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethCha Cha
02/27/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethFiesta Tango
02/27/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethPre-Bronze Dance Test
03/06/2014Suszko, LaurenNovice Moves In The Field
03/12/2014Cross, ShannonPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
03/12/2014Cross, ShannonPre-Preliminary Free Skating
03/12/2014Debele, MadeleinePreliminary Free Skating
03/12/2014Goers, GracePreliminary Moves In The Field
03/12/2014Goers, GracePreliminary Free Skating
03/12/2014Moree, MadalynIntermediate Free Skating
03/12/2014Richardson, AbbyNovice Free Skating
03/12/2014Smith, LeahPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
03/12/2014Smith, LeahPre-Preliminary Free Skating
03/12/2014Stoelzing, GracePreliminary Free Skating
03/12/2014Stringer, JaneyAdult Foxtrot
03/12/2014Stringer, JaneyAdult Fourteenstep
03/12/2014Thorne, HeatherDutch Waltz
03/12/2014Thorne, HeatherCanasta Tango
03/12/2014Thorne, HeatherRhythm Blues
03/12/2014Thorne, HeatherPreliminary Dance Test
03/12/2014Veith, LisaAdult Fourteenstep
03/14/2014Richardson, SophieNovice Free Skating
03/14/2014Richardson, SophieJunior Moves In The Field
03/21/2014Warling, BebePre-Preliminary Free Skating
03/22/2014Hetzel, MarynIntermediate Free Skating
04/04/2014Kurzejeski, KatieIntermediate Moves In The Field
04/04/2014Kurzejeski, KatiePreliminary Free Skating
04/04/2014Michel, CatherineJuvenile Moves In the Field
04/12/2014Schaan, SimonePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/15/2014Ostrowski, PaigePre-Preliminary Free Skating
04/16/2014Arntsen, HannaSenior Moves In The Field
04/17/2014Olson, TaylerPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
04/19/2014Gibbs, SadiePre-Juvenile Free Skating
04/19/2014Jensen, TessPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/02/2014Bryden, MarisaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/02/2014Bryden, MarisaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/04/2014Jackson, EllaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/09/2014Slack, OliviaJuvenile Free Skating
05/14/2014Furco, AndrewAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Heegaard, SophiaPreliminary Free Skating
05/14/2014Hollihan, GarrettPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Korn, DarinaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Oelrich, MinaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Pasdo, AllisonIntermediate Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Rekas, KatePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Rekas, KatePre-Preliminary Free Skating
05/14/2014Smith, LeahPreliminary Moves In The Field
05/14/2014Thorne, HeatherAdult Cha Cha
05/14/2014Thorne, HeatherAdult Swing Dance
05/23/2014Bennett, JuliaJunior Moves In The Field
06/11/2014Hornback, BrittaIntermediate Moves In The Field
06/11/2014Kielsa, GracePreliminary Moves In The Field
06/11/2014Kielsa, GracePre-Preliminary Free Skating
06/11/2014Pugh, GracePreliminary Free Skating
06/12/2014Berrier, SydneyJuvenile Free Skating
06/14/2014Warling, BebePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
06/18/2014Arntsen, HannaTango
06/18/2014Arntsen, HannaRocker Foxtrot
06/18/2014Glyer, EmmaPreliminary Moves In The Field
06/18/2014Moree, MadalynNovice Free Skating
06/19/2014Medd, KellyNovice Free Skating
06/19/2014Wittmann, JocelynnNovice Moves In The Field
06/22/2014Jensen, LaceyPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
06/22/2014Jensen, LaceyPre-Juvenile Free Skating
06/22/2014Jensen, TessPre-Juvenile Free Skating
06/25/2014Kaminski, CocoSenior Free Skating
06/27/2014Olson, JuliaJunior Moves In The Field
06/28/2014Olson, JuliaHickory Hoedown
06/28/2014Olson, JuliaWillow Waltz
06/28/2014Olson, JuliaTen Fox
06/28/2014Olson, JuliaBronze Dance Test
07/10/2014Thorne, HeatherAdult Fiesta Tango
07/10/2014Thorne, HeatherAdult Pre-Bronze Dance Test
07/16/2014Olson, TaylerDutch Waltz
07/17/2014Christensen, EmmaIntermediate Free Skating
07/24/2014Andrusko, MichaelaPreliminary Free Skating
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethHickory Hoedown
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethWillow Waltz
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethTen Fox
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethFourteenstep
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethEuropean Waltz
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethFoxtrot
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethBronze Dance Test
07/25/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethPre-Silver Dance Test
07/31/2014Lipovetz, GracePreliminary Moves In The Field
07/31/2014Lipovetz, GraceCha Cha
07/31/2014Lipovetz, GracePre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/19/2014Estepp, BaileyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/19/2014Estepp, BaileyPre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/20/2014Arntsen, HannaAmerican Waltz
08/20/2014Arntsen, HannaSilver Dance Test
08/20/2014Mizuno, KumiPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
08/20/2014Mizuno, KumiPre-Preliminary Free Skating
08/20/2014Stoelzing, GracePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
08/20/2014Stoelzing, GracePre-Juvenile Free Skating
08/28/2014Medd, KellyJunior Moves In The Field
08/28/2014Pasdo, AllisonJuvenile Free Skating
08/28/2014Peterson, AmandaIntermediate Free Skating
08/29/2014Pavelich Bennett, NicolaiCanasta Tango
09/18/2014Olson, TaylerRhythm Blues
09/21/2014Brown, LillyPreliminary Moves In The Field
10/08/2014Constable, IsabelPreliminary Moves In The Field
10/08/2014Constable, IsabelPreliminary Free Skating
10/08/2014McClurg, ElizabethAdult Bronze Moves In The Field
10/15/2014Bennett, JuliaPre-Juvenile Pair
10/24/2014Andrusko, MichaelaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
10/24/2014Olson, JuliaIntermediate Free Skating
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaDutch Waltz
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaCanasta Tango
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaRhythm Blues
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaSwing Dance
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaCha Cha
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaFiesta Tango
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaPreliminary Dance Test
10/31/2014Bennett, JuliaPre-Bronze Dance Test
10/31/2014Berrier, ZoeDutch Waltz
10/31/2014Berrier, ZoeCanasta Tango
10/31/2014Berrier, ZoeRhythm Blues
10/31/2014Berrier, ZoePreliminary Dance Test
10/31/2014Ploumidis, ElizabethRocker Foxtrot
10/31/2014Slack, OliviaIntermediate Moves In The Field
10/31/2014Slack, OliviaIntermediate Free Skating
10/31/2014Thorne, WilliamDutch Waltz
10/31/2014Thorne, WilliamCanasta Tango
10/31/2014Thorne, WilliamRhythm Blues
10/31/2014Thorne, WilliamPreliminary Dance Test
11/02/2014Pressman, AriDutch Waltz
11/02/2014Pressman, AriCanasta Tango
11/02/2014Pressman, AriRhythm Blues
11/02/2014Pressman, AriPreliminary Dance Test
11/05/2014Ercolani, CarmenPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Ercolani, CarmenPre-Preliminary Free Skating
11/05/2014Goers, GracePre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Gorowsky, IzabelIntermediate Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Gorowsky, IzabelJuvenile Free Skating
11/05/2014Hockin, KathrynAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
11/05/2014Hockin, KathrynAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skating
11/05/2014Jass, StellaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/05/2014O'Connor, KayleePre-Juvenile Free Skating
11/05/2014Pihlstrom, AvaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Pihlstrom, AvaPreliminary Free Skating
11/05/2014Rekas, KatePreliminary Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Romsaas, MiaPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Romsaas, MiaPre-Preliminary Free Skating
11/05/2014Schwarzkopf, CaseyPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Schwarzkopf, CaseyPreliminary Moves In The Field
11/05/2014Schwarzkopf, CaseyPre-Preliminary Free Skating
11/05/2014Smith, LeahPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
11/19/2014Arntsen, HannaIntermediate Free Skating
11/26/2014Johnson, RebekahPreliminary Moves In The Field
11/26/2014Sweet, KaelinPre-Preliminary Free Skating
11/26/2014Sweet, KaelinPreliminary Free Skating
11/26/2014White, EvaJunior Moves In The Field
12/05/2014Olson, JuliaSenior Moves In The Field
12/07/2014Daigre-Hines, MakynleePreliminary Free Skating
12/09/2014Berrier, SydneyIntermediate Free Skating
12/09/2014Berrier, ZoePreliminary Moves In The Field
12/09/2014Gibbs, SadieJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/09/2014Gibbs, SadieJuvenile Free Skating
12/09/2014Hollihan, GarrettPreliminary Free Skating
12/10/2014Heegaard, SophiaPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
12/10/2014Jensen, LaceyJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/10/2014Jensen, LaceyJuvenile Free Skating
12/10/2014Jensen, TessJuvenile Moves In the Field
12/10/2014Jensen, TessJuvenile Free Skating
12/10/2014Kaus, OliviaIntermediate Free Skating
12/10/2014Mizuno, KumiPreliminary Moves In The Field
12/11/2014Ostrowski, PaigePreliminary Moves In The Field
12/17/2014Johnson, RebekahPreliminary Free Skating

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